Get to know Model X

A professional and reliable device designed to serve large retail spaces and customers with a larger shopping cart.

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Get to know the fully customizable SELF automatic checkouts

Ideal for retail chains, convenience stores, drugstores and gas stations

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Discover the huge potential of
Digital Signage

Enable dynamic pricing policy in real time and run coherent advertising campaigns

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Find out how JOY self-service ordering kiosks automate and speed up sales

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Nasze wdrożenia

A new dimension of experience and also a great history lesson.

Wave M4B offers a beautiful presentation of The Racławice Panorama, a monumental cycloramic painting.


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We are the largest Polish manufacturer of digital signage, self-checkout and self-service solutions. We work with the world’s largest brands and with local networks. Our products work throughout Europe and beyond. We develop, manufacture and service our devices by ourselves because it is our passion. We simply know everything about them. We have been operating for many years, so we have a solid position as a leader. You can rest assured that we will help you grow and stay ahead of your competitors. Shall we talk?

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Are you considering an automated checkout but don’t know which one is right for you? Or maybe you are interested in a kiosk for placing orders or a system of LCD screens in your POS? Leave us your contact information – we will call you back, write you, and advise you. Of course, without any commitment on your part.