Automate your sales and increase the profitability of your business!

get to know SELF checkouts

The new generation of customers does not like to waste time.
They prefer to avoid waiting in lines and look for automated checkouts. Especially when it comes to small purchases.

That is why SELF self-service checkouts are an ideal solution.
They optimize the time and cost of customer service, and the staff can be delegated to assist customers, handle products or arrange display areas.


The origami-inspired case of the self-service checkout incorporates many functions. However, our priority was to design it to be pleasing to the eye. We achieved outstanding simplicity of form. The coherent, uncomplicated design of the M4B self-service checkout contrasts with visually busy retail environments.

This makes the checkout easier to notice quickly and customers are not distracted when making payments, so using the device in a store becomes easy and enjoyable. The small, compact size of the device leaves more space for the goods being sold.

Model S

SELF Model S – for small and medium-sized stores, to serve customers with a small to medium shopping cart

Model X

SELF Model X - for super- and hypermarkets, to serve large numbers of customers making larger purchases.

We guarantee efficient operation of our equipment. However, should unforeseen circumstances arise, please remember that we design and manufacture our devices, so we know them like no one else in the world. Our service is based in Poland. You can always call or email us, and we will be happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us.

Modularity that adapts to your store and business

Unsure which self-service checkout to choose? At M4B, we will match the right device for your needs. It is up to you to determine what you want.

Product family

What makes our devices stand out

  • industrial-grade components of the central unit to ensure long-lasting and failure-free operation on Windows or Linux
  • the highest-quality electronics, mechanical components and case materials
  • AI-driven recognition of products
  • voice communication (AI) for faster and more hygienic operation
  • advanced anti-theft protection
  • made and serviced in Poland (EU-EU website)

is serving
millions of customers

Installed displays
Installed kiosks
Locations worldwide

Optional Autonomia system. Easy integration with POS system

Explore the proprietary system and interface for SELF checkouts. It will help you easily integrate the self-service checkout with your POS system, allowing remote access to monitor the operation of the device.

The AUTONOMIA software is very intuitive and easy to use, which is the result of numerous studies done on various groups of consumers and cooperation with the best IT and UX specialists. Check the configurator and tailor the device to your requirements.

You can instantly get a fully configured automated checkout at your location with

standard equipment:

  • a 17″ super-bright display with anti-bacterial and anti-reflective coating
  • payment terminal
  • fiscal printer
  • fast and precise code scanner

optional equipment:

  • intuitive scale for products
  • checkweigher scale
  • light-signaling device
  • additional hand-held barcode scanner
  • a wide choice of shelves and shopping bags of different sizes and types
  • two colors for the case
  • table top, wall or stable platform mounting
  • microphone array for contactless voice communication with the checkout (using artificial intelligence)

Leasing offer

Thanks to our cooperation with partners from the banking sector, the SELF Model S Checkout is available starting from as low as a few hundred Polish zloty per month.

It is a very attractive investment. The cost is spread over time and you can optimize store operating costs from the first day after installation. Fill out the form and we will get back to you with details about our offer.